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has Look at the picture and complete the sentences : have or has / is or are Sentences with Have and Has: Present Perfect . These ares some examples with sentences with have and has using the Present Perfect. I have been here before; I have stayed in the hotel before; I have spent my weekends with my family; I have caught many criminals over the years; She has rented a car ; She has made a cake for the birthday party Se hela listan på english-at-home.com have to, has to in the Simple Present. Pronouns She has to get up early. She does not have to get up early. Does she have to get up early? had to in the Simple Past.

She does have or has

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? Yes, she has curly hair. Does he have glasses? ?

Here’s an example with “has”: Positive: She has a dog. Negative: She doesn’t have a dog. Incorrect: She hasn’t a dog High quality example sentences with “she only has” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English This lesson teaches you about the easily and often mixed-up English verb "have"!

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She's short and thin, she has short dark hair and brown eyes.

She does have or has

In general, the difference between has and does have is simply that including the modal auxiliary verb do adds emphasis (which can also be achieved by intonation alone, but let that pass for now). Thus, "She does have a car" might validly be used in various contexts. Both he and she can have it now. She and he have them. (She and he are together and are regarded as PLURAL) 2.
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She does have or has

a person who possesses great material wealth. Have (verb). have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense; "She has $1,000 in the bank" "He has got two beautiful daughters" Use have for all pronouns; never use has or had to form a past modal. Here are some examples: She could have gone to any college she wanted to.

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The puppy has had its breakfast. 9. The students have rehearsed well.

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Q2 - He ____ breakfast. hasn't. I have been a teacher for over 11 years. You have been a student for He / She has been a student for It has been nice today. We have been students for . They have been students for Past Perfect : I had been a teacher for several years.

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ExempelShe/he doesn't have a red shirt know. Hon/han har  Have you ever looked at another women and thought "how does she do it?

Yes, she does. Does she have a pen? Yes, she has a pen .|Does she have a pen? No, she doesn't. Does she have a  Why does he have a tattoo? she was 13. – more common; She had got a pink guitar when she was 13.